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Fall / Winter Update 2012' - Hope everyone out there had a rad summer, things were hazy, hot and kinda ending up being stupid here in the greater Philadelphia area. The fun continues none the less though, because we very well may have been born simply to be the last to die. NEWS: Ok, so first off the Cold As Life documentary that me and some close friends put over a year of our lives into, was unsuccessfully funded on Kickstarter. We honestly thought we had a slam dunk.. I mean, hardcore, gangs, a US city that looks like a 3rd world country and an unsolved murder.. All narrated by Lars Fredericksen.. Take a look here if you missed it. Anyway, this was a huge let down and it honestly made me re-think my direction in life for like a week.. But anyway, we're still proud of our accomplishment with the trailer and hopefully will find new inspiration and alternate means of capitol to finish it. Thank you for anyone that did take the time to share a thought or a dollar. It means a lot. UPDATES: Queers Later Days and better lays was released on Sept 25th on vinyl for the first time. It's been a blast packing theses and sending them out to fans. A few limited packages are still avail, get them before they are gone! If your ears aren't ringing.. you're not listening.

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